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V Script Channels The Spirit World On “Been A Ghost”

Been A Ghost

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V Script’s been running game since the stone age.

How does a comic book obsessed teenager come into his own, using hip-hop as a stepladder? Without further ado, I present to you V Scripts, a rapper who describes himself as “East Coast spirit living on the West Coast.” And yet, the real V Scripts probably runs best with his head in the clouds, or in the midst of a chaotic thought pattern, and not on the ground running with simpletons. “Been A Ghost,” his latest offering, is projected to be among the final dozen tracks on Orion’s Belt– his next project due in the Winter months.

“Been A Ghost” was produced by OSYM, a production house with credits on the works of JR Writer and Jae Millz to name a few. Don’t hesitate to drop down in the comments to field your comparables, for there’s a good measure of Eminem and Nas absorbed into V Scripts’ stylistic imprint. Keep it locked for more.

Quotable Lyrics:

When I die I want to have a thrilling eulogy

Don’t let my failures ruin me

Don’t let the nightmares ruin dreams.

I’m with a bad broad half Persian, half Sudanese

When you put the green over dream, tell me who’s the fiend?

– V Scripts

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