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Thouxanbanfauni Goes “Interstellar” On New Single


Thouxanbanfauni continues to reign Atlanta’s underground.

For years Thouxanbaunfauni has been joined by the likes of UnoTheActivist at the top of Atlanta’s underground wave. The two have collaborated in the past and we’re likely to see more link-ups between both parties but for now, Fauni Figueroa is working by himself. Part of our last season of OTCU, Fauni has continued to prove himself. The young rapper decided to gift his fans with some new vibes overnight, coming through with a vibey new single called “Interstellar.”

Fauni has been adamant that he’s in the process of shaping the future of music. With such high confidence and a large arsenal of creative flows, the artist is sure to deliver each time he hits the mic. “Interstellar” is a chill song, allowing you to bop your head from side-to-side while enjoying the spacey production. What do you think of this one?

Quotable Lyrics:

Night before Christmas, every day Halloween bitch

At your front door, masked up, trick or treat bitch

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