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Shannon Clermont’s Still Putting In Work Despite Twin Sister’s Prison Sentence

Money to be made.

Shannon Clermont is missing her right-hand woman since her twin sister Shannade began her prison sentence in June for swiping a dead man’s credit card and balling out. “He wasn’t asleep when I left — he was just drunk. I have never been around people who have been on heavy drugs, so I didn’t really know,” Shannade said of the incident. “I mean, I didn’t love him; I liked him […], [He] was just someone who took care of me.”

Just because Shannade is locked away doesn’t mean Shannon isn’t still putting in work to keep their brand alive since the Yeezy model was spotted sitting front row at the Vfiles fashion show with friends at the Barclays Center this past weekend.

Shannon not only attended NYFW but she also walked the runway to show off Chromat’s 2020 Spring collection. The Becca McCharen-Tran founded label ran with a Nasa-themed look that focused on how “astronauts train in underwater facilities in Houston.”

“There was so much communal support. I was calling up everyone we’d worked with to not just bring things back, but reimagine it for right now,” Becca added. 

Shannade will be released on June 2nd, 2020 if all goes according to plan. 

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