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Safaree’s Willing To Pay For Cosmetic “Surgery” In Exchange For Sex


Safaree’s back with another cringe hit.

Safaree’s becoming a walking meme at this point. From his days of dating Nicki Minaj to heading to an Angie Martinez video in a red fur coat shortly after being robbed at gunpoint, Safaree’s taken many L’s and hasn’t really found ways to redeem himself. Realistically, his antics in his personal life have completely overshadowed anything that has to do with his music. However, it looks like he’s trying to re-establish himself as an artist these days. Today, he dropped off a new single ahead of his forthcoming project.

Safaree’s back with a pro-cosmetic surgery anthem with “Surgery.” His latest single is 25% raunchy, 25% cringy, and 100% hilarious — at Safaree’s expense. The song’s hook essentially details Safaree’s willingness to cop a girl cosmetic surgery, whether its lipo or ass shots, in exchange for sex. Safaree attempts to create a club anthem with knock-off Mustard production but misses the mark. 

Quotable Lyrics

Run it back ’cause they don’t understand me

You gotta bust it open just to go to Miami

You gotta bust it open to see Dr. Miami

Why you actin’ all bougie but you driving a Camry?

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