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Rihanna Reminds People How To Pronounce Her Name, In Case You Forgot

If you’ve been saying it wrong this whole time, now you know.

Rihanna is one of the biggest artists in the world who is immediately recognizable thanks to her distinct look and easily remembered name. Just like Beyoncé though, Rihanna tends to run into issues with people not knowing how to pronounce her name properly. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than having someone mispronounce your name and when you’re as big Riri, there is absolutely no excuse when it comes to pronouncing the name correctly.

Regardless, mistakes still happen and the artist continues to correct people. Rihanna was in Paris recently to promote her Fenty pop-up where she did a quick video for British Vogue which was posted to Twitter. While the artist didn’t have to correct anyone, she did say her name out loud which gave us all the insight we need in order to pronounce her name correctly moving forward.

In the video, Rihanna pronounces her name as “Ree-Anna” which goes against the “Re-Ah-Na” that many people have used before. Back in 2012, interviewer AJ Hammer had asked her how to pronounce it and was given the exact same pronunciation in the video above so people should be wising up very soon.

For an artist as special and talented as Rihanna, you better be saying her name right. It’s the least you could do.


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