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Murda Beatz Previews Banger With Offset & A$AP Rocky During Concert

This Murda Beatz’ collaboration has everyone in the mood for Benihana’s.

During a recent concert showing, Murda Beatz surprised the fans in attendance with a sneak peek at a song he crafted for Offset and A$AP Rocky. With Flacko coming down from a nightmarish excursion in Sweden, it’s up to folks like Murda Beatz to pitch the next tent. There’s really nothing like an impactful experience to get the creative juices flowing again.

With that said, Murda Beatz’ unnamed track is in the process of being disseminated on social media. Migos and A$AP Mob fans have joined in celebrating the portentous occasion. With Murda Beatz alluding to Rocky’s detainment, and the crowd reacting in delight- it’s safe to say, this unearthed gem of a recording will see the light, sooner than later.

“Now that Rocky is free we can play his verse, you know what I’m saying,”  Murda Beatz can be heard bantering in the clip; you can view the video in its entirety right here. Where does new A$AP Rocky rank on your “most coveted” list now that Rick Ross has finally answered all our hopes and dreams on Port of Miami 2? Moreover, I get the sense “the internet” has gone sour on Migos, and will soon come to regret it. Keep it locked.

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