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Mary J. Blige Accepts BET Lifetime Achievement Award

Auntie Mary brings Lil Kim & method Man along for a stroll down memory lane.

Sunday evening, Mary J. Blige received BET’s Lifetime Achievement Award, presented with the honor by presenter Rihanna, who traced the singer’s humble beginnings before transitioning to clip that featured words from the likes of Andre Harrell, Diddy, Nas and Queen Latifah.

“Praise God because without prayer I would not be here,” Mary began upon accepting her award. “Have so many people to thank because when you have a lifetime of achievement there’s no way you could have done them alone.”

She went on to list off the likes of her mother, father, and her family before specifically addressing Diddy.

“Puff thank you for believing in me more than I ever believed in myself and pushing me further. You continue to be one of my biggest inspirations.”

“Although I am a leader, a queen, a living legend, I’m a servant as well and I’m here to serve,” she would add at the end of her speech. “Being a servant is not always glamorous but it’s the job and assignment I was given. When the glory is placed on me I give it back to God immediately. My mission is to thrive and continue to make history while I do it.

Soon enough, Blige would take to the stage to delivers on a musical stroll down memory, electrifying the crowd with a performance that included tracks such as “No More Drama,” “Reminisce,” and “Love No Limit,” to which she performed her signature dance routine scored by a crowd chant of “Go, Mary.”

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