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Lil Durk Asks To Be Released From Jail

Lil Durk promises that he will cooperate if he gets to leave jail.

This week, Lil Durk told the world that he would be turning himself in on then-unknown charges. The Chicago rapper surrendered yesterday after it was revealed that there was an arrest warrant issued under his name for five felony charges. The arrest stems back to a shooting that occurred earlier this year. The man who was shot recovered in the hospital but Durkio is still facing some major time if he’s found guilty on all five felonies. After spending the night in a cell, the rapper has already had enough and he’s hoping he can be let out before his trial begins.

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According to TMZ, Durk is requesting to be sent home and he promises not to flee. His reasoning is very similar to YNW Melly, who also asked to be released on bond today. Durk says that since he willingly turned himself in, he has already proven that he won’t run away. He also says that he has a home in the area where he can stay with his fiancée and their child.

Lil Durk‘s next court hearing is scheduled for June 14. Hopefully, he gets out before then and can spend time with his family before the trial begins. Do you think Durk should be freed?

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