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Latrell James Lets Loose On “Tracphone”


Latrell James wows with his latest.

The roads that have led up to this point for Latrell James have varied. 

As his latest “Tracphone” output proves, James is a lyrical contender, effectively bringing to the surface his own demons and translating them into quotables with enormous replay value and a classic feel. It’s yet another instance of the New England-bred artist employing his lyrical prowess to build a career that outshines his strong history as a producer for the likes of J.I.D. and Cousin Stizz in the shadows and as the very memorable voice behind the “Good Goes Round” Cheerios anthem.

Odds are that if he keeps this up, such a destination won’t seem far off for too long. If you’re in search of a fresh voice to add to your rotation, get into the self-produced joint down below.

Quotable Lyrics

They put the pills up in yo’ city 

Cause the crack gone

And you still ain’t got no backbone

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