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Kodak Black Apologizes To Yung Miami & Southside: “I Realize How Petty That Move Was”

Kodak Black owns up to his petty actions.

Kodak Black‘s conflict with Southside and Yung Miami has come to a close, upon his realization he may have been “in the wrong” all along. Before sauntering off to the finish line, it’s worth understanding the initial line of inquiry. Kodak Black let off some prison bars over his jail phone, then demanded that Southside produce the beat free of cost. In the same breath of conversation, Kodak raps about punching Yung Miami in her pregnant belly. Shocking yes, but not so much when come to think of it: Kodak Black’s track record for lewd commentary is pretty startling.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

From that point onward, Southside took to defending himself and his baby mother-to-be against Kodak Black trolls on Twitter. Yung Miami did the same moments later, telling a fan off with expletive language. “Poor ass n***a Kodak ain’t dust shit,” she wrote (indirectly) in the comments of a miscellaneous IG post. 

For whatever reason, something came over Kodak Black in the past few days- for him to recant on his earlier statement. If I understand him correctly, he’s labeled his earlier antics as a “gimmick” of some sort, in the spirit of “proper manhood.” First, he hashtagged #YungMiami, then he wrote the following apology. You’d have to think a publicist was involved at some point or another.

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