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Kehlani Shows Insane Post-Pregnancy Body

“Baby” where?

In late March of this year, singer Kehlani revealed she gave birth to a baby girl named Adeya. The expecting mother was thrilled and penned a heart-warming message to her newborn child, referring to her experience with pregnancy as “the absolute hardest yet most powerful thing” she’s ever done. As such, recent reports indicated the soulstress received a personal gift from legendary singer and performer Beyonce, as a way to congratulate her on the new addition to the family. The gift consisted of a t-shirt with the word “Mother” on it. The R&B vocalist was thrilled and shared her excitement via Twitter.

Though we’re happy to know Kehlani gave birth to a healthy baby and recovered from the pregnancy, the crooner’s most recent IG photo has everyone shook. The picture, demonstrating a peaceful Kehlani posing by the beautiful and green-filled LA, left fans in awe of the singer’s post-baby bounce back. Indeed, no signs of a previous pregnancy are in sight and Kehlani looks amazing. The songwriter’s fitted in a tight, black dressed revealing her chiseled curves and super-toned legs. Damn, Lani. What’s your secret? 

The bounce-back may come second to Teyana Taylor, who also revealed a chiseled frame shortly after giving birth to baby, Junie. #Bodygoals


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