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Florida Woman Caught Twerking While Shoplifting From Clothing Store

Police are searching for the twerking bandit.

There’s always something happening in Florida. The Sunshine State’s gained a reputation over the years for the strange headlines they’ve made. It got to the point where a social media challenge was issued where people would Google “Florida Man” and their date of birth to find out what wild headline landed on their birthday. However, it looks like Florida police are now seeking a Florida woman who was caught shoplifting but that wasn’t the only thing she was caught doing.

If you’re going to shoplift, it would probably be a wise decision to do it inconspicuously. Apparently, a woman from Florida didn’t get that memo. According to CBS Miami, Miami police are searching for two women who were caught shoplifting on camera. However, one woman was also caught twerking while committing the act. A security camera at the Madrag clothing store caught the woman twerking through the aisles while stuffing clothes into her bag from the shelves. The ability to multi-task is impressive but I mean, there’s also a time and place for everything. And twerking in the midst robbing from a store just seems to draw heat which it evidently did at the end.

Police claim the two women stole over $300 worth of merchandise from the clothing store on April 26th. Police are still searching for the two women.

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