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Father Refuses To Tone Himself Down On Booming “Handful”


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Father doesn’t care if he’s a handful.

When a Father song drops, you know it’ll likely either have a buoyant or menacing sound. “A lot on ur plate”, which was released a few weeks ago, captured the former. Father’s vocals glided through meltycanon’s joyful and dreamy production. Now, on “Handful”, we see the Atlanta rapper opting for his darker persona. He delivers threats – bragging about his array of weapons – over booming bass and trembling screeches. 

Even though the sonic tone of Father’s songs can vary, he always comes through with some witty and lewd lyrics. From the first couple bars of “Handful”, you’re intrigued by the flex that his crew is pulling up at your mama’s house with their dicks out to “shoot a porno in her front yard”. Presenting goofy scenarios like this is what can make a Father song with the most spooky of instrumentals into a lighthearted affair. You may be shocked or offended by some of the shit he says, but it’s hard to not appreciate a rapper who doesn’t take himself too seriously, yet still manages to exude so much confidence. 

Quotable Lyrics

Late night shit, hit your bitch in her nightgown

.223 make ’em dance like Chris Brown

556 make ’em dance like Usher

Fuck wit a n****, everybody gon’ suffer

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