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Chris Brown & His Daughter Are A Perfect Pair In This Adorable Photo

Chris Brown and Royalty Brown are just too cute.

Despite how he is always painted in the tabloids as an all-around terrible person, Chris Brown really isn’t all that bad these days. Since his domestic assault incident several years ago, the man truly hasn’t been that controversial. Of course, he spends a decent amount of his time in court fighting lawsuits but he always manages to find his way out of them. He’s experienced a major turn-around with his music, netting a huge number of sales on his latest album Indigo and as he prepares himself for the daily hustle while on tour, he’s enjoying his time with his daughter Royalty.

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Breezy is rumored to be expecting a second child with one of his exes but as of right now, Royalty is still his only baby girl and she definitely gets all of his love. CB regularly shares updates about his daughter and today, he posted an adorable new photo of the two of them together. Sitting in front of an iridescent background, the two put on their biggest smiles for the camera as Chris showed off his baby girl to the world. They look eerily similar in the shot too.

Chris is one of the most loving fathers in Hollywood. Each week, he comes through with a reminder that he’s in awe of Royalty and that won’t be stopping anytime soon.

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