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Brazilian Model Caroline Bittencourt Dies Trying To Rescue Her Dogs

Her body was found after her husband jumped in to try and save her.

According to TMZ, a Brazillian model was found dead after jumping into the ocean to try and save her dogs after they fell off a boat in the ocean. Caroline Bittencourt was at sea with her husband and their two dogs when a ferocious storm hit close to Sao Paulo. Their sailboat started to rock and during the commotion, the two dogs fell into the water. Attempting to save the animals, Bittencourt jumped in and tried to reach her pets when she drowned while trying to make the rescue. Her husband, Jorge Sestini, tried to save his wife and the two dogs but he was unsuccessful. He was ultimately unable to find Bittencourt’s body and it’s unclear whether or not the dogs were saved. Bittencourt was 37-years-old.

The model’s daughter Isabelle confirmed the tragic news on social media, writing, “We are grateful for the support and affectionate messages we have received from Carol’s friends and fans. This energy drive fills our hearts with so much love.”

Earlier today, we learned that Lauren Braxton, Toni and Tamar Braxton’s niece, had passed away yesterday after suffering from an incurable heart condition. These two deaths and the unfortunate passing of John Singleton add to the already high celebrity death toll this year. RIP Caroline Bittencourt.

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