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Blueface Receives Absurd Diamond Encrusted Bandana From Avianne & Co.

Blueface gets another piece from the renowned jeweler.

New York-based jeweler, Avianne & Co., have blessed Blueface yet again. This time around, the creative director, Alex Moss, and his team of talented craftsmen have designed an original “Kryptonite Bandana” for the California rapper. 

The bandana is comprised of a fourteen karat gold clasp that acts as the base and includes over 12,300 set stones. The unique jewelry also comes equipped with 130 carats of blue hand-picked diamonds displayed in both round and pear shapes across the bandana.

Symbolically, the piece reflects back on the “Respect My Crypn” rapper’s past and upbringing. Blueface has been anything but shy about his School Yard Crip affiliation. He is an avid fan of the Crip Walk and makes sure to rep the set in many of his videos. The Kryptonite Bandana is yet another reference to his gang loyalties.

Back in March, Avianne & Co. hooked Blueface up with a unique Benjamin Franklin chain that boasts over 7200 individual stones and forty-seven carats of Avianne diamonds. While one might assume the “blue” in Blueface references his gang affiliation, it is actually a reference to the one-hundred-dollar bill featuring none other than Benjamin Franklin.

You can find everything that you need to know about Blueface here.

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