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50 Cent Reportedly Has “No Plans To End His Feud” With Wendy Williams

Sources close to the rapper detail why he won’t stop hounding on Wendy Williams.

Wendy Williams has spent the majority of her career bullying people over their personal life. Hercommentaryare usually unnecessary and she’s undoubtedly crossed the line on a few occasions. However, the thing about being a bully is that you can’t expect anyone to sympathize with you when you’re down. Earlier this week, her arch nemesis 50 Centshared a photo of a Wendy Williams looking like a complete mess, with the caption reading, “I knew something was up with this bitch. It was the drugs. She better not talk about me, then go to the rehab every day. Crack Head. get the strap.” While many thought it was a low-blow, Fif still has no intention of ending his beef with her.

A source close to 50 Cent recently spoke to HollywoodLife about the rapper’s ongoing feud with Wendy Williams. According to the source, Fif essentially feels like any sort of bashing of Wendy is called for due to the amount of disrespect she’s shown others over the years.

“50 Cent has no plans to end his feud with Wendy Williams,” the source said. “He feels she has disrespected him for years and will always fight back. 50 feels that Wendy causes a lot of drama so of course he’s going to poke fun at her when he can. If she stopped beefing with him, maybe he’d hold back, but he’s not a fan of her and probably never will be. She’s crossed the line one too many times. 50 feels this feud has gone on for years now with no end in sight, so he finds it funny that people were reacting to his Instagram post.”

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