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Lil Durk Releases New Song “Turn Myself In” Amid Legal Troubles


Turn Myself InEditor Rating:VERY HOTTTTTAfter turning himself in, Lil Durk releases "Turn Myself In."Lil Durk shared some unfortunate news yesterday. The rapper revealed that he'd be turning himself in, although, at the time, he didn't reveal why. Reports emerged earlier today that he a warrant was issued for his arrest in Atlanta in relation to…

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Kim Kardashian Provides Another Look At The Yeezy Basketball Sneaker


KKW steps out in the "Quantum" Yeezy Basketball sneaker again. Kanye West's first Adidas Yeezy performance basketball sneaker has surfaced numerous times over the last year, including several times in the last couple of weeks, which leads us to believe the kicks are still on track to release as part of the Spring/Summer of 2019 collection.Adding more…

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Megan Thee Stallion’s “Big Ole Freak” Goes Gold


Who doesn't love a "Big Ole Freak?" Megan Thee Stallion's ascent into hip-hop prominence did not happen overnight, nor was it the product of industry gardening. A talented rapper and no doubt easy on the eyes, Megan Thee Stallion's blend of unflinching sexuality and technically proficient bars make her a formidable, well-rounded emcee. Her recent…

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Beast Coast “Escape From New York” Review


Audience Rating How do you rate this album/mixtape?  On "Escape From New York," Beast Coast escape the confines of their hometown and make a case for world domination. Although it may have the undertones of vapid political sloganeering or motivational quote, there is at least a sliver of truth to the notion that there’s strength…

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